Terms and conditions for participating in the TWERES online desk for owners of second homes in De Panne, Knokke-Heist, Koksijde and Middelkerke in order to contest together the municipal tax on second homes

TWERES offers owners of second homes in De Panne, Knokke-Heist, Koksijde and Middelkerke to, for a fixed – all-in – amount of 400.75 euros (incl. VAT), take charge of the entire procedure, in cooperation with a specialised attorney (who has already been successful in this procedure in the recent past). (hereinafter: “this action”) (hereinafter: “this action”)

2. In this action TWERES acts exclusively as an intermediary between the owner participating in the action and the attorney who will represent this owner in the procedure.

3. The participant in this action guarantees that the data he/she provides to TWERES as owner in this context is correct and corresponds to the truth.

TWERES will process the personal data of the participants in this promotion in accordance with the privacy policy published on its website https.//www.tweres.be.

5. The participant in this campaign has taken note of the privacy policy of TWERES and declares himself/herself to be in agreement with it.

6. TWERES will fully and timely transfer the amount deposited by the participant in the context of this promotion to the bank account of TWERES.

7. In the event of success, the owner participating in this action will receive the following back:

  • Integral reimbursement of the disputed tax:
  • Full refund of the contribution to the guarantee fund (24 or 48 euros)
  • Payment of the legal costs up to a maximum amount of  332.75 euros (although the actual amount attributed can be as high of 1200 euros; on the other hand, this amount may also be lower, depending on what the court decides).

8. The participant in this action is aware that this is a legal procedure the outcome of which can never be predicted one hundred percent.

9. If the procedure should unexpectedly fail to result in success, the participants in this action will have to pay a court fee in favour of the municipality. Here too, the range is 300 Euros – 1,200 Euros, with the court most likely to budget for the basic amount of 600 Euros (per instance).