TWERES wants to develop activities in its first working year around 6 concrete topics.

  1. Organize opposition and undertake action in case of possible new disproportionate measures against second-in-command in the context of the corona crisis.
  2. Systematically respond to stigmatizing reports about second-residents via press and social media.
  3. Develop and roll out an effective strategy against unfair local taxes on second homes in some coastal municipalities.
  4. Find solutions for more balanced model contracts between mobile home owners and camping owners.
  5. Develop, together with other groups of co-owners, an objective system of quality assessment of syndics in apartment buildings.
  6. Prepare a concept paper on the possibility of offering second-residents the choice of participating in local elections in the municipality of their residence or in that of their second residence (by analogy with the existing concept paper on the right of students to vote in university towns).

These objectives are only realistic if second-residents massively join a single interest organisation for the whole country. We are very numerous as a group, but only together do we have a powerful voice.

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