TWERES wants to develop the following activities as an interest group of second home residents

  1. Informing second-home owners in Belgium and Belgian second home owners abroad about subjects that concern them.
  2. To create a multilingual forum through which second home owners in Belgium and Belgian second home owners abroad can contact each other to exchange experiences and relevant information.
  3. Defending the interests of second home owners in the event of disproportionate government measures, for example in the context of a pandemic.
  4. Develop and roll out an effective strategy against unfair Belgian taxes on second homes in Belgium or abroad.
  5. Strive for a better legal position of owners-occupiers of second homes (mobile homes or other holiday stays) in campsites or holiday parks.
  6. Systematically reacting to stigmatising messages about second-home residents via the press and social media.
  7. Together with other groups, provide information on co-owners’ rights, especially towards syndics.
  8. Seeking opportunities for second-home residents to have a say in issues that affect them at local, regional or national level.

These objectives are only realistic if second-residents massively join a single interest organisation for the whole country. We are very numerous as a group, but only together do we have a powerful voice.