How did TWERES come into existence ?

TWERES originated in May 2020 from a group of second-residents who found each other through social media. Together they protested against the prohibition to spend the lock-down in a second residence as owner-occupier. Contrary to the rules that applied in our neighbouring countries, the Belgian government decided that second-residents, even if they were in their second residence when the measures came into force, had to move to their official domicile. Moreover, this measure was maintained in a disproportionate manner. Second-residents suddenly became hunted wild. Governors called on the local population to rat out hidden second-residents, some permanent residents published on social media in which apartment buildings were still “moles”, mayors ordered the local police to carry out home visits, police officers checked the identity cards at the entrance of supermarkets and even drones were used to search for human presence in campsites and holiday parks with thermal cameras.

Because the ban on going to the second residence remained in place while shops and schools were already open, legal proceedings were initiated against the Belgian State. The result was not delayed. Immediately the politicians woke up and forced themselves in front of the cameras to announce that the ban would be abolished immediately …

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